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Personal Senior Care Aide, PCA Services in Houston, TX
Personal Senior Care Aide, PCA Services in Houston

Volga Home Care provides personal care assistance to people with physical or mental impairments in Houston and nearby areas. Personal care aide means a range of services provided by one or more persons designed to assist people with a substantial disability. Our nursing home attendants deliver professional PCA services designed to assist people with daily living activities on or off the job. These activities are typically performed without assistance if the person did not have a disability.

PCA personal care assistants deliver personal home care assistance that includes but is not limited to the following services: 

  • Bathing and Hygiene. Our caregivers are specially trained at assisting patients with personal hygiene, bathing, and other care services. 
  • Oral Hygiene services include assistance with mouth, gum, and denture care. 
  • Toileting Care, which includes urinary and bowel care services. 
  • Walking and Mobility. Our staff provides personalized assistance to every patient while considering their physical limitations and comforts. Our caregivers are trained to assist you with walking, getting in and out of vehicles, climbing stairs, etc. 
  • Transfer and Posture. To help patients with digestion and circulation, we also focus on helping patients maintain a proper posture while eating, sitting, or watching TV. 
  • Special Diets. Our nutrition specialists will help patients and their families keep to the prescribed diet and prepare dishes for people with diabetes, low-trans, etc. 

Personal care assistance services are provided by written recommendations from the person’s care physician.