Signs Your Loved One May Need Support in their Home - Volga Home Care

Seniors and aging people need more care and support with their daily activities. How do you know when it’s the right time for in-home care to start? The major reason is when a family member can no longer go without the needed help. If the whole family is busy at work during the daytime, hiring professional caregivers can help with all the problems listed below.

  • Poor personal hygiene. Pay attention to the appearance of your family member and the body odor in particular. If you notice piles of laundry or soiled clothes, it’s the red flag that your loved one needs professional help. 


  • If you notice your elderly family member’s weight has dramatically changed, it’s a sign that something goes wrong. If a senior starts losing weight, they likely have difficulty preparing meals. Take your time to show up at mealtime to observe your family member’s cooking ability. 


  • Take a drive with your family member to observe what their driving is like. Many older people drive at a point that is considered to be far beyond safe, that’s why it’s better to provide them with alternative transportation. You can solve this problem by teaching your loved ones to call a taxi or use a ride-share app. 


  • Difficulty managing medications is another sign that your loved one needs support at home. Check if the doctor’s prescriptions are followed. If not, organize your relative’s medications in a weekly pillbox to ensure nothing is missed.